P H O T O // Steph + Kevin

I love couples that step outside of the typical wedding box and utilize a space that is not so traditional for their ceremony and/or reception.  I love any chance to really get creative with my photography, and a fun backdrop is a great place to start.  A place with a lot of character or funky features, beautiful or interesting light or textured elements (think foilage, walls, etc.) all help provide inspiration and the potential to add a special punch to my photos.  I also appreciate couples that fully trust me and let me go about documenting and trust my style.  Enter Steph + Kevin.

I was thrilled when Steph + Kevin made the trek from Portland last year to say their I Do's at Steph's family's Lakeside bar on the shores of Hauser Lake.  This fun and vibrant space, located outside of Helena, MT, was dressed up with vintage lace, gorgeous pastel flowers, an old-school Ford and a collection of incredible old family photographs.  It was a stunning afternoon, filled with so much love!!! that was followed by an entertaining evening full of fun and a friendly (albeit fierce!) family competition (see the trophy in photos below),  winning!!!  All in all, the day was impressive and it was so much fun to photograph!  Thanks again for bringing Tyler and I there, a big cheers to you from Montana on your anniversary!

On a side note, if you are in search of a great personal trainer in Portland, go see Steph,  she's kind of a badass. :)


a little secret to my heart: grandma dorothy's cream cheese mints!!!
the prize!!!

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